Clubs & Societies

In TreasureCourt College, we encourage subject-based and participation in outdoor clubs. Subject-based Clubs include:

Jet Club, Agricultural Club and Mathematics Club.


Other Clubs and Societies are:

  • Literary and Debating Society

  • Dramatic Society

  • Press Club

  • Music Club

  • Fellowship of Christian Students

Sport & Exercise

Fun, yet competitive, we provide facilities in athletics, football, table-tennis etc. While a sustainable balance between academic and excellence in sports activities remains our primary goal, the bi-annual inter-house sports competition provides a place for local coaches to source for talents that show national or international promise in their performance and abilities.


All the same, whether you are a serious sports enthusiast or just like to take part for fun, you will find what you are looking for in TreasureCourt College.

Competitive Activities


We organize Mathematics, Debate, Essay Writing and Spelling Competitions. 

In one of our external participation, we were a winner of United Bank for Africa Plc 2015 Essay Competition and regularly participate in Cowbell Mathematics Competition.

Music & Arts

Our students are encouraged to give expression to dance and other theatrical arts in a major yearly event tagged Mirror of Life”.  So, whether you want to enhance your music skills or fine-tune any other arts related skill, our Arts & Humanities Department have skilled hands to assist you.

Field Trips & Excursions


TCS recognizes that field trips, excursions, class trips, and co-curricular trips can provide students with an effective and worthwhile means of learning and growing. The School Management encourages those activities that reinforce classroom instruction and promote healthy social development.

School Fellowship


All schools impart some kind of assumptions and interpretation of life. At TCS Students Fellowship, you will find us refreshingly open about the faith basis from which we work. Following Christ and his teachings leads us to a particular view of the world. This in turn shapes the curriculum. Geography and Science are transformed as we honour the Creator. We explore His intricate design and purpose for each inter-related aspect of creation. History makes sense in acknowledging God's plans and timely interventions. Expressive Arts and Technology come to life in the context of God's instructions to love others, build community and care for creation. Personal development, sense of worth and motivation spring from understanding people as uniquely made in God's image and loved by Him.In such a curriculum, spiritual development is a natural part. There are also clear reference points for moral choices and character development. The realities of life's dilemmas and problems are faced squarely within a biblical framework.

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                            FAITH, DILIGENCE, INTEGRITY