We have developed a range of services to help our students make the most of the time they spend in TreasureCourt College.  These include:


  • Counselling and Careers Guardian

  • Pastoral Care



Counselling and Careers Guardian

In TreasureCourt College, we provide career advisory services.  These are available to all Senior Secondary School students.  But then, we do not wait until graduation time to give our students directions on career choice and the subject combinations need to embark on it in tertiary institutions.


Right from the first week in SS.1, we work closely with each of them, monitoring their academic performance and leading them to appreciate the future prospect of his career choice.  We may invite parents or guardians when we see the need to do so.


Generally, our counselling efforts take cognizance of the fact that a great percentage of these young ones are in their teens.  Whenever we detect traces of emotional struggles, disobedience, indiscipline, truancy and moral deficiency, we work to nip it in bud.


Our teaching staff is trained to be caring and sympathetic yet firm and objective and to provide corrective feedback while enforcing obedience to school rules and discipline and managing a classroom conducive for learning.

Pastoral Care

We believe that parents are primarily responsible to shape the moral and spiritual inclinations of their wards.  TreasureCourt College supports and reinforces this basic responsibility of parents when we stress wholesome moral and spiritual values.  This imparts the highest Christian ideal of love and respect for one’s fellow man in our students and strengthens their senses of friendliness, understanding and fairness to all.  We hope that this approach to spiritual nurturing provides them the inner power they can draw from as they face real life challenges later in life.

Celebrating Excellence


TreasureCourt School has come a long way since inception. We have produced erudite boys and girls who can proudly hold up their heads in society in every facet of human calling. All our graduates were exposed to the best facilities and academic curriculum that are comparable to the best in the world.



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                            FAITH, DILIGENCE, INTEGRITY